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Vaughn & Draya

Personal Training style is the perfect combination of tough and warm. Of course nothing comes easy, but his nomadic style of fitness and the way they mixes up every routine will assure you will have the stamina and the courage to kick fat right in the ass—while feeling healthy at the same time. Vaughn & Draya goal is to make you feel like your best “You”, and take your mind, body , and Soul to the next level.


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Derek Blanks (Photographer)

Testimony - Derek Blanks!!! Since i have been training with LaDerrick, not only have i have noticed a difference but all my colleges and friends have as well! My tone, and muscle growth has been remarkable. He pushes me as if i am a professional athlete and challenges me. I am in the best shape i have ever been in my life and my clothes fit even better. He works out my entire body and has enhanced my form and physical strength. If you are serious about your health and ready to make a lifestyle change i would most defiantly let him take you to the next level.


Lelee Lyons (S.W.V)

Testimony -LeLee Lyons

Me being a traveling professional singer I noticed whenever I performed, I'd get winded really quickly. I decided to get myself in shape to assist me with that. After 30 days of consistent training, I noticed the difference in my performance and more importantly my weight. I was excited. I've worked with trainers before but never allowed them to train me. LaDerrick never once cared about my celebrity, but how I felt standing before others. He taught me that it's the extra you do that counts. If he says do 20 of something, when you get to 19, he'd say 10 more lol. That's a good trainer. I take what he gives me into my professional space. He's the best!


Sally (Client)

Testimony - Sally!!! I was nearing a milestone birthday and decided once and for all to get in shape and stay in shape! I have always been active throughout the years but never stayed consistent. I would work out for 6-8 months straight and then take a 4-6 month break. Stuck in this repeating cycle, I decided I wanted to make a change! Committed to stay the full course and NOT take a break this time, I began looking for a trainer.  I was referred to LaDerrick from a friend of mine who excitedly boasted on the results he had seen since working with Mr. Vaughn. I went into my training with the goal of becoming more toned and building lean muscle and I have definitely seen the results. He frequently switches up my workouts, to make sure my body is always being challenged.  No one training session is ever alike and because of that, I never get bored with the workouts. With LaDerrick’s motivation, I am happy to report I have been training for 14 months now without a break in sight!

AB$ & Booty Camp

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